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Rare 50cm Gold Birkin in Ostrich with Gold Hardware

Something quite extraordinary just arrived in the Maia office. A bag so rare and so unique it can only be one colour. GOLD! This beautiful Ostrich Birkin is in the larger 50cm size with gold hardware and Stamp T circle …


Special Offer: 35cm Hermes Birkin in Gold Ostrich & Gold Hardware

A 35cm Hermes Birkin in gold ostrich teamed with gold hardware has just come into Maia's hot little hands. The bag has a Z Circle 1996 stamp and is a collectable exotic classic. This beautifully crafted 35cm birkin bag is …


Special Offer: 35cm Kelly Picnic in Barenia Leather with Palladium Hardware

Maia is incredibly lucky to be able to offer the rare opportunity to purchase the highly revered 35cm Kelly Picnic in Barenia leather with palladium hardware. Stamp O square 2011.     We love the summery style and also the …


Investing in Vintage Hermes Bags

When you hear ‘Vintage’ a number of images are conjured up. Anything ranging from Oxfam thrifty store fun to chic Portobello shopping arcade. What may not necessarily come to mind is 'investment'. There is, however, a growing trend to purchase …


Most sought after vintage Hermes bags

Buying a luxury vintage handbag is all the rage right now, both as an investment and of course to add class and originality to your wardrobe. But what exactly are the most popular vintage Hermes handbags right now? At Maia …