Just In: Unique Kelly Bags

15cm Kelly Rouge Hermès Shiny Alligator with Gold Hardware – Year Stamp is U in a Circle for 1991

MAIA has a true collectors' item in – it's the 15cm Kelly Rouge Hermès in shiny alligator and with fabulous gold hardware. This is a limited edition bag and there are quite literally only a couple in the world in such top notch condition. MAIA has crossed paths with some same style bags sporting the U stamp in a circle signifying 1991, however all have been in lizard. In eye-catching red, this Kelly is so beautiful it is good enough to hang in a galllery and kept as an art-piece… but then that would be denying the joy of showing it off at the next fashionista conference for those who know.

20cm Kelly Blue Lizard with Gold Hardware – Year Stamp W in a Circle for 1993

MAIA has also discovered something really special – it’s the 20cm Kelly in Blue Electric Lizard. The discontinued 20cm sized Kelly bag is incredibly rare and more so in this stunning electric blue colour. Sporting the W stamp in a circle for the year 1993, this bag is in perfect condition. Hermès never ceases to deliver when it comes to beautiful luxury accessories and this stunning number is no exception.



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