MAIA Blog Launch and Accordion Bag

The launch of MAIA’s new site promises to showcase the most extraordinary Hermès vintage accesssories on offer, online.

The bags here are literally the rarest, most precious luxe leather goods available. MAIA travels the globe sourcing vintage Hermès, some pieces you would be hard-pressed to find even in the leading auction houses of London and Paris. Once a bag is unearthed, it is meticulously and independently assessed by an expert in Hermès accessories, ensuring every bag meets strict quality control requirements.

The result is a collection of accessories in exquisite condition and no longer available to order anywhere else. Colours and styles are so rare that these Hermès bags become the ultimate investment for the purveyor of all things beautiful and yet wearable too…

One of the most collectable pieces is the fabulous Accordion Bag. It is the only one ever produced by Hermès and is part of the 'Sac a Malice' line. Crafted circa 1990 this bag is part of a collection of, arguably, the most original bags Hermès ever made. 'Sac a malice' translates to 'bag of tricks' and this witty name describes perfectly the style of the bag and it's playful colours and design.

The Accordion Bag personifies all that is wonderous about Hermès . It is beautiful and unique whilst also being a true art-piece one can treasure forever and be sure it will never lose its value or charm.

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