Rare 50cm Gold Birkin in Ostrich with Gold Hardware

Something quite extraordinary just arrived in the Maia office. A bag so rare and so unique it can only be one colour. GOLD! This beautiful Ostrich Birkin is in the larger 50cm size with gold hardware and Stamp T circle 1990. This Birkin is quite literally the only one of its kind in the world.

50cm Gold Birkin in Ostrich with Gold Hardware

Now we're not into bragging but to get our hands on this bag has made us feel rather fabulous, like we are special, like we have something here that no one else has right now. This of course is the allure of these kind of irreplaceable bags. Hermes only ever made one 50cm HAC Birkin in ostrich and Maia has it! Indeed one in gold ostrich is something to really shout about.  

Maia has given it our seal of approval as it is in excellent condition and really is for a very serious collector.  It will never ever be crafted again. 

So with gold hardware and in gold ostrich this bag is number one on our list of must have this season. 

Contact us now if you are interested in this bag or would like to see more photos.


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