Most sought after vintage Hermes bags

Buying a luxury vintage handbag is all the rage right now, both as an investment and of course to add class and originality to your wardrobe. But what exactly are the most popular vintage Hermes handbags right now? At Maia Luxury we are noticing a distinctive trend towards mini bags, so essentially the 15cm and 20cm Hermes Kelly bags.

Vintage Hermes Kelly 15cm Rouge Lizard Bag


These smaller bags are very wearable and look incredibly chic as the perfect lady-like accessory. At Hermes the 15cm Kelly bag was a limited edition style.  Very few were made and it is nigh on impossible to find one in immaculate condition. With some serious Hermes collectors on our books Maia Luxury has managed to source quite literally the BEST selection of 15cm Kelly bags.

Hermes Vintage Kelly Black 15cm


All these bags have a real air of Grace about them. You can just see her sporting one to the Monaco Grand Prix opening soiree or any Royal event really. They have that regal, elegance that is so uniquely Hermes.

Hermes Vintage Kelly Rouge Hermes 15cm



One of the most extraordinary bags Maia has on offer is this 20cm vert fonce Hermes Kelly in shiny croc with gold hardware.


20cm Vert Fonce Hermes Kelly


This size bag is no longer produced by Hermes and comes in one of the most desirable colours – "vert fonce" teamed with gold hardware. This is a true collector’s piece. It is beautifully chic and something not even the most VIP of the VIP's can order. 

Purchasing a luxury vintage handbag is always exciting and this month there are really some incredible pieces on offer from Maia Luxury that not only add style and glamour to your look but will also hold their value and remain popular in this flourishing market that is, Luxury Vintage Accessories.


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