hermes bags sourcing


Having previously worked styling high net worth clients, Maia’s team have direct contacts within the luxury bag arena. Being in the industry for over 15 years our sourcing network has expanded to include collectors and clients throughout the world, each offering a uniquely exceptional selection of vintage Hermes bags and accessories.

A continual flow of rare Hermes items are offered to Maia as we are renowned for having not only one of the most vast and well respected sourcing networks but also our client base is second to none. Our complete discretion and capability to source the most beautiful and rare authentic bags and accessories has seen Maia’s client base build exponentially and thus increase our reach across the globe when sourcing the rarest Hermes delicacies for you.

Lastly, each item is authenticated by an Hermes expert. This process ensures Maia’s credibility and removes the chances of any fakes making their way into our sourcing network.

Maia will work tirelessly to locate, authenticate and deliver your perfect Hermes bag or accessory.

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