Published: 20 October 2020

An extremely rare, sensational find, this 32cm Hermès Kelly Horseshoe in black and argile Box leather is adorned in stunning monochrome peacock feathers with sleek palladium hardware. 

Custom-made by Hermès for a private client in 2014, this breathtaking piece is one of a kind. With no other design in the world like it, it is an outstanding investment for any Hermès devotee.

Referred to as ’Horseshoe’ designs, these private commissions are offered to a highly select number of Hermès clientele, and are named for the signature horseshoe marking which identifies their uniquness. 

At MAIA Luxury, we are constantly on a quest to discover the rarest and most inspirational Hermès bags from across the globe. With our strict quality control measures and decades of experience, you can rest assured that every bag we source is valuable, beautiful and unique.

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