Published: 20 October 2020

The craze for a miniaturised vintage Hermès Kelly bag continues. MAIA loves the chic and wearable vintage 20cm Kelly size as pictured here in a captivating bleu sapphire shiny porosus crocodile, with stunning solid gold hardware and diamond enhancements.

Then there is the even smaller limited-edition vintage 15cm Kelly, produced in the 1990’s and a famous among Hermès collectors for being so incredibly hard to source. We currently have two of these stunning bags available. One is a 15cm Kelly natural porc with gold hardware, the other is a 15cm Kelly rouge vif box with gold hardware.

Due to the delicate nature of the skins, vintage mini Kelly bags in croc and lizard are notoriously hard to find. Please contact MAIA for our latest stock list and to place individual requests for these unique and valuable vintage Hermès bags – so you never miss one.

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