Maia the Mother of Hermès. Elegant, Bold and Simply Timeless. 

MAIA Luxury, formerly known as Bags of Luxury, is one of the most trusted and reliable sellers of authentic Hermès bags. Since inception MAIA has specialised in sourcing immaculate, highly valuable authentic Hermès bags globally. MAIA’s clients expect the highest level of service and quality products without exception. 

MAIA’s Director Nicola Morris ran a personal shopping company for over a decade and it was during this extensive experience that she was drawn to Hermès. Nicola specialised in one brand from 2003 and with that MAIA Luxury was born. Understanding the value of immaculate condition vintage Hermès bags was to be her forte. Within less than a year MAIA was renowned as the go-to for collectors and anyone purchasing high value Hermès accessories. Nicola has proudly assisted in formidably expanding her leading client’s collections to be some of the rarest in the world.

Unlike most other resellers MAIA Luxury is not a broker. Instead we own all of our stock outright and currently have one of the largest inventories of Hermès bags in the world.  Each bag has been meticulously checked prior to offering for sale and is kept in our high security, temperature-controlled storage.  It is paramount to MAIA that clients can purchase in complete confidence and understands that investing in vintage Hermès is not something to be taken lightly. These bags are often heirlooms and are considered a valued investment just as fine art may be. 

To keep in the loop with our latest stock Whatsapp or Email us anytime. MAIA sells and buys daily to ensure we never lose sight of our appeal – Providing the most trusted and extensive range of Hermès luxury bags across the globe.

Maia luxury is a registered company with extensive Terms & Conditions to ensure clients are protected on all purchases. 

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