When you choose to invest in a Hermès bag, you expect perfection, and naturally seek the assurance that your bag is authentic. You can have complete confidence in our bags – sourcing immaculate, highly valuable, completely authentic Hermès bags is what we have become known for doing best.

If new clients seek added reassurance, we can also offer a certificate of authenticity from a highly regarded independent authenticator. Please see below for just some of the features that are carefully examined and checked to determine whether a bag is authentic.

We are passionate about assuring our clients purchase nothing but the very best. If you have questions, please do not hesitate to contact MAIA.

The engraving ‘HERMÈS-PARIS’ on the closure strap should be fine and delicate. MAIA will always check the accent on the ‘è.’ There will be a hallmark for gold hardware. The hardware is either gold-plated or made from palladium (not silver as this would tarnish).

Hermès bags are always hand-stitched to the highest quality, using a slanted design. The stitches will be perfectly spaced, yet tight and always facing the same direction. if the stitching is ‘too perfect’ this could indicate that it has been done by machine.

The gilt stamp ‘Hermès Paris, Made in France’ will be located on the front face, under the flap. Look closely at the spelling and the accent of the è to ensure authenticity. The markings to differentiate the exotic skins will also be shown here, as well as Horseshoes.

The interior leather zipper tag will be parallel to the zipper hardware, not perpendicular. Also Hermès will be finely engraved on the hardware of the zipper puller. Again, MAIA always checks the accent on the ‘è.’

The blind stamp is a code to identify the year and the craftsman who made the bag. Since 2016, the year has been found inside the bag on the left. Previously, they were placed on the closure strap. If the bag was made between 1971 to 1996, then the year letter was encased by a circle. From 1997 to 2015 it was surrounded by a square.

The clochette is always made from one piece of leather, never two. It is always crafted from the same material as the handbag.

There will always be “Hermès” finely engraved on each clasp of the strap for the Kelly bags. The accent on the ‘è’ determines authenticity.

The lock will have the Hermès name engraved on the base as well as a number that will match that engraved on the keys. For exotic skin bags, the lock would be covered with the same material. The accent on the ‘è’ determines authenticity.

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