Iconic style, 24/7

Released in 2018, the Hermès 24/24 proved an instant hit and was as in demand as the iconic Kelly and Birkin styles that inspired its sleek silhouette.

With soft structure and contrasting rigid flaps, this versatile style’s spacious volume and classic clasp details form the perfect accessory to contemporary life.

This style is available in bi-leather or leather/matte alligator mix finishes for a timeless style with a modern twist.

The 24/24 is available in sizes 29cm and 35cm. The 29cm size boasts a detachable strap that can be interchanged with Hermès Amazon straps for added versatility.

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35cm 2424

jaune ambre togo & matt alligator with palaldium

29cm 2424

étain togo & swift with palladium

29cm 2424

rouge hermès & bordeaux togo & swift with palladium

29cm 2424

fauve barenia faubourg with gold

29cm 2424

black togo & matte alligator with palladium & permabarss

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